Software Quality Assurance is a process that includes planned and systematic steps from the production of the product to its completion to ensure the suitability of the product for its intended purpose. The process of quality assurance shows confidence in the product that it will fulfill the customer needs and requirements in methodical and reliable fashion.

Rivet Solutions provides its customers with Quality Assurance facilities and determines that the services provided meet or exceed the expectations of the requirements of our customers by using the latest tools and technologies for testing.

We provide our clients with systematic and consistent quality assurance services that ensure that after QA Testing the product must satisfy customer expectations. We implement upgraded and innovative techniques of software testing and make it sure that the product delivers the previously agreed functionalities and standards. Our SQA approach is oriented to prevention and our quality engineering techniques analyze the product from a third-eye view throughout the development and maintenance of the project. At Rivet SolutionsSYS Information Systems, we involve our software quality engineering team into the project from the beginning of the projects this helps to communicate and understand the QA test and concerns. We follow an efficient road map where actual QA testing starts after writing, reviewing and approving proper test plans resulting is most appropriate software quality assurance. Other than the most of quality assurance consultants, we involve our clients in this QE and software QA testing procedure by acknowledging their valuable suggestions. At Rivet SolutionsSYS Information Systems, we use top-notch QA techniques including performance testing, load testing and many others. At the end in order to verify the QA process, we run a complete QA audit to verify our software QA testing.

Looking from a third-eye-view, we scrutinize the software system development process from the requirements gathering phase all the way up till and throughout deployment and maintenance of the project. We at Rivet SolutionsSYS provide Assurance services for all major ERP and CRM packages and as well as custom-built and proprietary software applications. We are able to provide our customers with validated solutions with better scope, maintainability and reliability.

Our team of Quality Assurance experts ensures that the procedures they counter and participate in establishing the plans, processes, standards comply with the project’s needs and customer’s desires.

Rivet Solutions Information Systems put forward the following comprehensive Quality Assurance ( QA/ QE ) Services:

• Audit activities
• Process improvement activities
• 3D animation testing
• Website testing
• Graphics testing
• Application testing
• Regression testing
• Test planning, test case development
• Automated testing
• Performance and load testing

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