There is a conventional way to hire employees. Run an advertisement, go through resumes, interview candidates and then make a decision. The process takes on average 2 to 6 weeks. Rivet Solutions has pioneered a new way to recruit employees. We do all the work and provide you the most dependable, sincere and creative employees. Our employees work remotely from our offices located in Pakistan and US. From a technical and productive standpoint, there is no difference between an engineer sitting 6000 miles away and the one sitting in the next cubicle in your office on local area network.

The concept of employee leasing can be highly profitable for the company and the existing staff as:
* Better product and great customer service are the two most important factors for growth and prosperity of every company. Remote employees can help you develop efficient, bug less products and free In-Office or (say) In-House employees' time to communicate with customers to understand and design their requirements efficiently.
* Give more time and opportunities to In-Office employees for innovation.
* Client Company can have more brains to throw at a job to get it done better and faster.
* Stressfree environment can also play a big role when it comes in meeting tight deadlines. A fresh brain can work Ideally smarter than a talented one. Infact if an offshore employee is also surrounded by an equally talented Project manager*, Results are golden.

Similarly there are endless reasons for why one should Hire Offshore Employee Leasing services. Despite Low Cost, High Talent, and An Effective staffing solution, Rivet Solutions seeks to grow along with its customers After all we understand that every customer is a repeat customer and the level of this month's service determines your next month's business.

As your business grows, so does its administrative and development concerns. Handling the rising costs of these concerns, while focusing on your business' core competencies, becomes an ever-escalating challenge.

What if your business could outsource such non-core functions to highly talented leased Employee, at a fraction of the cost? What if you had more time to focus on your core business?

Increase your productivity and save on your bottom line.

The Information Revolution has created opportunities for businesses like yours to realize the benefits of low-cost, well-managed, high-quality labor pools from around the world. At Rivet Solutions, we leverage the most advanced information technologies to offer you highly customized Employee leasing services from a carefully handpicked pool of skilled professionals.

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If your looking for any type of IT offshore Employee, we are the best solution in the market today, we have the infrastructure in place and we can connect you with the very best people that you need.

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