Rivet Solutions has been developing for Android since the platform’s release by the Open Handset Alliance in November 2007; we are bona fide pioneers in Android Application Development.

The Android App Developers at Rivet Solutions have published some of the most downloaded Android apps in the world: apps like SkyFire, considered to be the fastest, most feature-rich Android web browser, and Knocking Live Video, the first ever cross-platform Android x iOS 3G live video chat service

We produce game-changing apps that permanently transform user expectations for their categories. Another popular app of ours, AndroidBook, was the platform’s first full-featured Facebook client and his since been imitated by literally dozens of others, including the team who developed the ‘official’ Facebook application – but with a much less user-friendly interface. When it comes to Android Software Development, there’s no one with as much experience, technical expertise and design sense.